About Us

This business adventure began in 2003 when my dad told me he needed to tear down the barn from my childhood farm. My friend, Adonna, and I couldn’t stand the thought of all that beautiful, weathered, 120-year-old wood going to the landfill or burn pile.  We gathered some of the wood, collected a stash of old “junk”, started creating, and Old Barn Rescue Company was born.

Soon we were rescuing all kinds of interesting objects from dumpsters, trash piles, recycling centers, garage sales, and thrift stores. From old doors, windows, and molding to old buttons, nails, water faucets, baseballs, game tiles, bottles, hinges, door knobs and hooks – there seems to be no end. We love getting our hands dirty digging for a perfect treasure to finish a piece. The ideas are limited only by our imaginations and the objects we rescue. You’ll find all kinds of wonderful, eco-friendly signs in our “up-cycled decor” section of this site.

From the start, Adonna was adding her beautiful calligraphy to many of our items. Due to the popularity, we began to search for a way to “mass produce” her lettering without compromising the integrity of our vintage materials. In the fall of 2008, Old Barn Rescue Company’s Wall Decal Department was born. We love the versatility and ease of cut vinyl. We can use it on most of our reclaimed materials, and you can now have Adonna’s professional lettering directly on your walls! Our matte finish vinyl looks hand-painted and comes at a wonderful price for changing the look of a entire room!

With our strong value for “being green”, we use a vinyl manufactured by Oracal USA for our wall decals. They have the most green process of any vinyl manufacturer and have been certified “a Green Product” by meeting certification standards for process and environmental impact. They are constantly looking for ways to reduce waste and pollution and their environmental footprint.

Due to Adonna’s family move to Spokane, WA in the fall of 2009, Old Barn Rescue Company now has Midwest and West Coast Divisions with growing departments.


In the Spring of 2012, Missy Castro joined Old Barn Rescue/St. Louis.   With a background in graphic design, she is a fabulous addition to our company.  One of Missy’s most frequent comments has been “that would make a great t-shirt”.  It was a natural fit.  With her ideas, expertise, enthusiasm and so many great graphics already designed, we embarked on the creation of our Threads Department.  As of the Spring of 2015, customers can now have many of Old Barn Rescue’s designs in heat-pressed vinyl on onesies, t-shirts, pillow shams and more!

Whether it’s beautifully lettered quotes for a wall space, one-of-a-kind shabby decor from reclaimed materials, or adorable heat-pressed threads, all our products are handmade with great care and attention.

Keep checking back as we continue to add and expand.